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David Bourget

Department of Philosophy, Western University
Stevenson Hall, Room 3142
1151 Richmond St
London ON, N6A 5B8, Canada

About me

I'm an associate professor in philosophy and director of the Centre for Digital Philosophy at Western University (previously known as the University of Western Ontario). I obtained my PhD in philosophy at the Australian National University under the supervision of David Chalmers, Daniel Stoljar, and Frank Jackson. I also hold a BSc in computer science from l'Université Laval.

New: interview with Eric Piper of Wiley regarding AI, PhilPapers, etc.

Philosophical research

My philosophical research revolves around two main projects. The first concerns the representational theory of consciousness and the role it can play in constructing a scientific explanation of consciousness. The second project investigates the role of consciousness in grounding meaning, concepts, and non-conscious mental states.

Computing projects

I'm involved in a number of computing projects that support research in philosophy:
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My PhilPapers categories

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